How To Promote Your Small Business With Public Relations - A 3-Part Workshop

**This is a replay of a previously held workshop.**

Acclaimed PR expert Ellyn Winters-Robinson of Ignition Communications will lead you through interactive sessions that will help you understand the ins and outs of PR and why PR should be part of every small businesses’ marketing mix.

Session 1 - Why Consider PR as Part of Your Marketing Mix?

In this session we’ll revisit the basics of marketing and PR and explore some compelling reasons why PR should be part of your marketing plan.

The Basics of Marketing and PR

1. Who are your primary, secondary audiences?

2. What do you know about them (demographic, psychographic) and how do they want to engage? What do they read? Where do they gather online?

3. What are your competitors doing?

4. What makes you different, unique, weird or quirky (yes that works)

5. What action are you looking to drive? Sales (online? Bricks and mortar?), foot traffic, brand awareness, WOM?

Six Reasons to Consider Adding PR to Your Marketing Mix

1. It stretches your budget

2. It’s more effective than advertising

3. PR adds value to traditional marketing

4. Good PR strategies can prevent problems

5. PR boosts brand visibility

6. Creates long-lasting relationships

PR versus advertising: which is for you?

The PR workflow

PR pitfalls

Session 2: PR is NOT (just) media relations

Is PR just about getting a story in your local paper? In this second workshop session we’ll talk about the true power of PR in reaching a variety of external stakeholders and how it is so much more than simply talking with a reporter.

Definition of PR

Who are your stakeholders?

What are your communications channels?

What skill set do you need?

How do you measure your performance?

You as the influencer..

Building relationships is a long game

Session 3: Media Relations 101

In this final session we’ll take a deep dive into media relations exploring earned and owned media, the types of media audiences out there, what defines a “good” news story, and the “art” of reaching out and working with reporters, bloggers and influencers.

Blogger outreach

Content marketing

Social media news release

Crisis communications

Types of media and why that matters

Publishers, editors, reporters, freelancers, bloggers, influencers - what’s the difference?

What defines news? What is a good story?

Is a press release your only tool?

How to approach an editor/journalist

What to do if a journalist calls you

Amplifying your news and capitalizing on coverage

Wrap Up - Making it happen

* Set SMART goals

* staffing - align skills with the plan and the target audience

* Budget

* Research

* Build a plan

* Monitor and measure

Date & Time

December 31, 2026

3:18 pm


3:18 pm


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