Marketing and Branding Your Food Product

This free session is for you if you have a food or beverage product that needs the perfect brand to suit the right market.

In this free 60-minute online seminar learn about:

  • Why YOU are your brand as a new food or beverage business
  • What to consider when creating a visual identity for your company
  • What does marketing your product look like?

Amanda DeVries of Eye Candy Design specializes in branding food and beverage companies. In this webinar, Amanda will share her expert insight, from how to create your brand, how to retain and grow your brand to what sort of colours and typography styles are right for your product. You will learn the difference between designing for store shelves vs. food markets vs. digital spaces. She will also cover tips for working with a graphic designer and determining exactly who your product is for. As Amanda advises, “if your product is for everyone, then you are selling to no one”. Know your target market.

You will leave with a better understanding of how to brand and market your product in the food and beverage industry!

Date & Time

February 15, 2024

2:00 pm


3:00 pm



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