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5 Reasons You Need Email Marketing For Your Business

Post by Holly Mortimer
April 12, 2023

The digital marketing space is crowded. Like, this elevator is nearly full and in 2023, that makes everyone slightly on edge, crowded. Businesses are competing for an increasingly smaller piece of the marketing pie and most days it feels like social media has gone right off the rails.

But there's one form of digital marketing that's been the Steady Eddy of the marketing world for quite some time, it’s just that their louder, more popular cousin gets all the glory, while they sit back and deliver the conversions one after another. Can you guess what it is?

It’s email.

Email marketing is that one tool that won't let you down. Kind of like in a romcom where it's always been the best friend for her if she just stopped dating the jerks and gave him a chance. I mean, not to say social media is the jerky guy…but if the shoe fits?

So, in a year where the unpredictability of social media seems like it's staying, why not give email marketing a fair chance to prove to you just how powerful it can be.

Let's get into the top 5 reasons I think email marketing is the BEST digital marketing tool out there. 

1. You've got full control.

From concept to conversion email offers you the most amount of control in the marketing funnel. You're not at the mercy of the algorithm or the platform's bots. You can also control who inside your list sees what content through the use of segments and tags and create a completely customized experience for your customer where you control the marketing workflow.


2. More eyes are on your call to action.

When you post on social media, there's a good chance very few people are going to see it. But when you send out an email, there's a great chance a lot of your subscribers are going to see it. Email has some pretty high open rates, depending on a lot of factors, but on average, you're looking at around 30% of your list having eyes on your offer with every email. You cannot say the same for social media.


3. You can mine your emails for valuable data.

Because you can get more eyes on your emails, you can use them for more than just selling. Emails are a great way to survey your customers. You can use email to get them to answer questions and set their preferences and then you can turn around and store their answers for future use and business growth. You can also use that data to customize emails that speak directly to the interests and needs of your customers which in turn creates a conversion rate social media could never deliver.


4. Storytelling opportunities abound.

Stories sell.  There is no better medium to tell your brand stories and not have a time limit imposed upon you than email. Email is a text medium, which lends itself to storytelling and personalization. People buy from people they know like and trust and what better way to build a trusting relationship than through the stories that connect us. Text-heavy emails are highly deliverable and desirable, and when you can integrate a story with a service or product, the conversions tend to increase.


5. You OWN the list data.

No matter what happens, the names and emails on your subscriber list are yours to own. So if your email service provider goes down, as long as you're backing up your list consistently, you can take that list and upload it to a new provider and still send your critical marketing emails without losing any downtime.

That list follows you around should you want to move email service providers and the provider doesn't own it like in social media. You do. You make the rules of engagement and you decide who sees your content and who doesn't and what content they see. We're right back to having full control because building your marketing on platforms where you are at the mercy of their rules, can only take you so far.


There's just so much more you can do with email but I think the major theme here is control. You control the progress and the data and the deliverability. There aren't any more rules being changed on you on really important days. There aren't algorithm changes that are secret and that can affect your income without you knowing until it's too late. Email has got your business' back.


Want to learn more on how to use email to grow your business and convert more customers into lifelong, devoted brand lovers who buy all the things as soon as you deliver an email to their inbox?

Book a FREE consultation with Holly at the Stratford Perth Centre For Business by clicking here!

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