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Email Marketing Is More Important Than Ever - Part 4

Post by Holly Mortimer
August 4, 2020

The Sorting Hat 

We all know how the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter famously sorted students into 4 houses based on their personality and what they could bring to the table for their respective houses. Think of segmenting your list in the same frame. You're sorting your subscribers based on their actions your assumptions of how they will respond to different offers and it's the single most effective way to instantly improve your open and click rates, and therefore, earn more revenue.

Here are a few of my favourite segments.

  • those who have opened an email in the last 6 months
  • those who have NOT opened an email in the last 6 months
  • those who have opened AND clicked on an email in the last 12 months
  • those who have clicked a specific link denoting their buying habits

You can also create something called a tag or a group depending on the service provider you use. These are little groups indicating where the subscriber came to you from. For example, incoming customers from a specific promotional opportunity can be tagged as such. This helps keep track of the effectiveness of your campaigns, sort customers into the correct welcome sequences easily and move them around your automations.

By using segments and groups/tags, you can customize the client experience with email and build your list health. List health is essential in order to get your open rates to grow. List health is determined by many factors, but some include open rates, click through rates, images, links included, 1st paragraph scraping, unsubscribes and spam markings.

Here’s an example of emails to send to different segments in a typical month where you might have a specific product being highlighted.

Email #1 – to everyone who’s opened an email in the last 6 months talking about your promotion.

Email #2 – to everyone who’s opened and clicked and purchased gets a ‘how to use it’ video for your promotion.

Email #3 – to everyone who’s opened gets an email that is text based and personal and brand building.

Email #4 –everyone gets an email 24 hours prior to the promotion ending.

Email #5 –everyone who’s opened in the last 6 months gets a day-of-promotion ending email.

Email #6 –everyone who opened and bought gets a thank you email with a coupon for a partner item or service.

6 emails over a specific time frame to 3 different segments, combined with great subject lines and a welcome sequence to new buyers, bam, your revenue will increase without you actively selling.

Seriously, email marketing is magical. Integrating it into your marketing plan and making it a priority can grow your business in directions you never imagined with the minimal amount of time you could imagine giving.

Ask us how!

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