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How To Find A New Digital Revenue Stream

Post by Holly Mortimer
July 8, 2021

What if you could add one new line of revenue in the fall that was just a glow-up of your brand's offer?

You may be sitting on a scaleable product offer that you never imagined would be of interest to your customers/clients.

Have you guessed what it is?

It's YOU!

Today I'm going to walk you through a quick decision matrix to see if within your environment there's an opportunity to offer some VIP knowledge to your customers and earn a nice predictable income at the same time.

Here we go.

Start by asking yourself what is something that you know or can do that your clients don't and often ask of you or ask you for help with?

Let's look at a brick-and-mortar example. You run a cheese shop. Obviously, your superpower is understanding cheese. But maybe there's more?

Do your clients frequently ask you what to eat with the cheese? What to drink with the cheese? Do you get these similar questions asked frequently?

You decide to start collecting the names of your customers as they check out and then send them a newsletter once a month.

Inside the newsletter, you're highlighting one cheese per month and then offering them some insights into the different cheeses and products you carry.

You exit with the offer to buy into your VIP Cheese of the Month club. They're not getting the cheese, but they're getting you.

(But of course, you're offering them a way to buy the cheese too!)

It's $5 CAD to join and they get a special newsletter in the middle of the month with a featured cheese they can purchase, perhaps with a special discount code.

They also get a video from you guiding them on what to pair it with. Both food and drinks.

They also get a community to join where they can talk about their experience with the cheese, where they travel to, and what cheese they eat there, and they can ask you questions twice a month. This Facebook community can be run by a trusted staff member or yourself.

At first, you have ten people opt-in. It's a minimum 6-month commitment and so now you've earned $300. Not bad for something that takes you an hour to create.

Then, as your databank grows and you start offering it at the point of sale, your VIP cheese group grows to 30 people and now you're looking at $900 in new revenue for the same time investment.

Over the next 6 months, you grow your little VIP group to 80 people. Now you're at $2400 over the 6 month time period.

This is called scalability.

What if you grew this both digitally and in-person to 500 people per month over the next year who invested only $5/month to know a little more about cheese from a cheese expert. That's $2500 per month in revenue that you didn't have last year.

You can do this with ANY industry. Try to come for me on that one. I'll happily brainstorm an option.

Accounting? - VIP service. For an extra $200/month, you can have 2 office hours of a junior associate's time to ask questions.

Ladies Wear? - $5/month gets you early access to hot designers, a monthly VIP newsletter and a solid 15% off every purchase, and a private IG Group for style consults.

Spa? - $20 month gets you access to the spa owner's VIP news with makeup how-to, discount on a monthly product, free gift with every spa treatment, and a reserved appointment time with the spa owner who is normally hard to get.

Restaurant? - special table seating, how to cook at home video each month, drink of the month deal, special menu items only for VIP subscribers all for $5/month, or something that's appealing globally. I follow a restaurant in London, England that has an app I pay $4 a month on for vegan kid-friendly recipes and yoga, along with a newsletter only for VIPs.

If you can dream it, and your clients are ASKING FOR IT, it's possible. Don't miss that step. If your clients/customers are asking for it. It's critical to the success of the program.

If you're interested in the tech stack required to fulfill this revenue stream easily and affordably, click the button below to shoot me your question.

Happy selling,


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