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Trena's Top 5 Reasons To Love Squarespace For Your Business

Post by Holly Mortimer
March 8, 2019

5 Reasons TrenaLoves SquareSpace


By day I work for the Stratford Perth Centre for Business, but in my “spare” time I own and operate a quick service restaurant with my husband. Time and money are two recourses there are never enough of… I’m sure you can relate. Wasting time building or editing my website is something I can’t afford.


When we started our business, we knew our online presence was important, our first website was created on the Go Daddy Website Builder. Not only was I unhappy with the visual results of this website, it took forever to edit, move photos and change text. When we decided it was time to update our website we cut our losses with Go Daddy (we had bought 2 year term) and moved to SquareSpace! I created our new website myself with no knowledge of code by selecting one of their templates. Here is why I now suggest SquareSpace to anyone who asks about creating a website.


1.    Beautiful Templates

When starting your SquareSpace website half the work is already done for you with their high end, award winning website templates. SquareSpace organizes their templates by business type, they are modern and easy to navigate with a strong visual focus. By sticking to the template, you are guaranteed a website that looks like you spent thousands hiring a professional web developer.


2.    Email Marketing

SquareSpace now offers email marketing as part of their core services which links right to your website. Why is this great? You can easily create email campaigns that match your brand and website. Want to send an email about a product on your website, with just one click you can include photos, product info and buy now links back to your website in your emails. Watch the video on SquareSpace email marketing here:  https://www.squarespace.com/email-marketing


3.    Build an Online Store

Easily build your own online store, or subscription. The e-commerce in SquareSpace has no product limit, allows you to easy generate and set time frames around promotions and sales and can embed products into your blogs. Allow your customers to pay their way, SquareSpace accepts all major credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay with a secure checkout, so your customer can have a professional online buying experience.


4.    Analytics

AsI’m not the most tech. savvy, my website analytics are something I don’t think much about, but SquareSpace makes it easy to understand and review your website analytics. They are very neatly laid out so you can quickly use the information to help with decision making. No need to run reports, pull monthly states and use a graph to decipher the basic info that is important.


5.    Easy to Use

Maybe this should be my number one reason I love SquareSpace. Since making the switch from Go Daddy Website Builder to SquareSpace, I feel far more confident in making changes to my website or doing a complete overhaul. Once you get the basics of how SquareSpace works you can do all the website design yourself, without spending days trying to make things work and look good. If you ever get a little stumped simply YouTube the problem or call SquareSpace’s 24 hour support line.  


If you are struggling with your current website or need to create one, SquareSpace is the best option out there. I will say, they don't run a ton of TV commercials (like their competitors) but the company is clearly putting their money into the product and service they offer rather then TV air time.


Want to learn how to build your very own Squarespace site? We’re hosting a FREE Squarespace workshop with an afternoon of SEO building secrets for business owners. We’re even throwing in lunch hosted by the St Mary’s Golf and Country Club in beautiful St. Marys on February28th, 2019.

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